From girls to girls

2014, Hamburg. Germany

This project was made for girls between 9-14 years during a 5 months internship by KBundB - The Kids Group in Hamburg, Germany.



The Bloggers and their post stamps

Different type, for different personalities



Top 5 Music and Spotify 

The list is every week updated and when  our user clicks on the link  will be redirected to the song in Spotify since is the most popular music product



Stickers! Our bloggers would mark the section each article belongs to by stamping and using one of the five symbols  



The project was developed in 4 months, I was in charge not only from the visual, icons and structure; but also part of the frontend development. It is built in KB&B own CMS and the main tools I used were, illustrator, Photoshop, Netbeans and Sublime.