2012-2016, Bogotá. Colombia 

We are a team of people who share their love for animals and coexist with them as a way of life. Concerned about the way in which pet ownership is handled in today's society and disinformation, mistreatment and constant abandonment; We have joined efforts to help in this cause, seeking to provide opportunities and channels to those who share this concern and seeking to foster responsible responsibility.

I worked on this project over 3 years. We went through 2 brand designs and different approaches for the Interface design on its stages (UI/UX was my full-time responsibility)


Main Problem

In Colombia and around latin America we saw the lack of care from the government through stray dogs and cats. Foundations and people interest in helping these animals don't have a central to work as a community. Most of the communication is a post on Facebook and twitter, but when something is being shared might be lost for the person who might be interested in helping one of this animals.


Helping foundations and pets 

Helping associations and foundations was one of the cores pillars in the website, by giving them a free space in our portal to post information about dogs or cats looking for a permanent home.

Part of my role in this project was to graphically structure the website. Having some constraints like time and budget I simplified it with a mind map, where we were able to see how big the project was conceived. 


Profile and  pets search

We created a process where people and associations were able to manage up to 20 pets for adoption per account. Each pet would have a detailed layout and would be promoted on our different social media channels. 

The process for uploading a pet was the following.