2014, Weimar. Germany 

The Concept of the Lamp Toy comes from an inspiration with paper-toys and light. In collaboration with the future lab in  Heidelberg, I was able to explore the possibilities "Deco-foils" have as products. Known also as printable light, allows the light to be as thin and flexible as paper with the possibilities of color and intensity.

(To check more about this technology check out this link. )



To approach this design problem, I interviewed some students at the university. I asked them when would be the moments they needed more light and if they were willing to invest in a product made by Deco-foils. Since the main material could be more or less expensive, I realized that the product must be something, where people acquire more than just light. After some more brainstorm, I decided to create a game/toy out of this Deco-foils .



Iterations and more iterations

After more repetition on the idea, I finally created the "Lamp Toy" -- foldable lamps with different designs printed on this Deco-foils --. They can be collected, design and build by regular people, the would just need to follow some patterns.  In case the user wanted to put more than one lamp in one place or to create some kind of interaction between the Lamp Toys, they were able to create totems or be synchronized based on different models.  The interactions were possible through an app which via wireless could communicate with the mobile device.