UX Design Process & Projects

During the last three years of my career, I have been seriously committed to learn and apply UX and Design thinking processes to my projects. Here you will find a summary of related activities I have done during the past year.



UX Poland 2016

At this event I realized the "Sprint Design" Workshop with Bartek Bawleski – Google Expert –. Our design problem was "people not going to the parks". Our challenge was to create "Something" ( app, event, architecture structure.. ) and encourage people to go out following the well known "Sprint Design" process. 

My team solution was painting motivational sentences and distance measurements for people to follow on different tours.







I often assist to Meetups organized by several groups in Hamburg and Berlin. ( UX-Round Table, Design thinking, UI Design, AJSmart ).  Having a conversation with other designers while getting feedback, it is as important as knowing your tools.  when we generate discussions around design problems and digital products we are susceptible to have those "Aha" moments and develop new ideas. 


meetup_design thinking _ AJSmart Hamburgmeetup_design thinking _ AJSmart Hamburg


I also had the chance to be a speaker at the UI Meetup celebrated the 15 of February at Xing offices in Hamburg. The subject I talked about was "UX / UI for Children". A small summary of the principles I learned during my Master thesis project. You can find the presentation here and the full Master thesis here






Inhouse Talks and Workshops

As part of my job, I conducted some activities and workshops to sensibilize KBundB community and teach them the importance of UX design.  We realized two workshops for specific clients and two talks about design processes. 


kbb workshops intern UXkbb workshops intern UX




Nielsen Norman Group certification

Last year I got certificated on UX design with a specialization in interaction design. The seminars took place in London on which each day for 7 days I went through an intense full-day course. From basic UX training to omnichannel Journey maps I was able to practice several technics in order to empathize better with a user. 






Practical Work

Personas for AHHA app



Personas for Lufthansa Family Hub



Wireframes "Take your chance" Lufthansa


wireframes Take your chancewireframes Take your chance





Mental maps 


Visión y Alcance MascoteroVisión y Alcance Mascotero



Data collection concept for Lufhtansa