UX For Kids - Websites for little fingers

2014, Weimar. Germany 

UX for children differs a lot from the Adult user experience. During this project,  I focused on children User Experience, and how the User interface from the International Children's Digital Library could be improved for their smaller users. During my journey, I was able to work and test the different prototypes with Kids of different ages and some of their caregivers.



Mindmap of the actual website


Child interface design 

Is a growing area. Behind it, we can find a significant community of researchers like Juan Pablo Hourcade, Allison Durin, Ben Bederson, Janet C Read, and Keith B. Perry in Child-computer Interaction. They allowed me to get deeper into kids perception and their interaction with computers and digital artifacts. Child Interface design is a serious matter. They allowed me to get deeper into kids perception and their interaction with computers and digital artifacts. 



The Usability tests 

The test consisted of two main sections; the first one was to check the actual website and made general comments about what they liked and what it didn’t. After they were asked to follow two tasks, first a registration by themselves as children or as Adults respectively and second to make a small search base on 2 topics, "Mood" and "duration" of the book.

I used 2 Prototypes -- English and German--. Testers were from 2 countries (Germany and Colombia), some of the tests were made through Skype.



Lessons Learned

During my investigation and development, I learned that making proper interfaces is not just about making something look good. There are a lot of aesthetic, psychological, behavioral and physical aspects to consider.

In this case, Children and their caregivers are the most important matter, it is with them that we are trying to communicate. We need to understand how they interact with the machines, what it seems logical for some of them won’t be for others.


Here you can observe some differences between iterations

International Children's Digital Library project coverInternational Children's Digital Library project cover